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30 Jan 2012 | Hedgeweek

Amit Shabi answers question about the Diva Synergy funds

Amit Shabi, Bernheim Dreyfus: “The failure of the AT&T/T-Mobile deal has led to a repricing of antitrust risk that we believe is exaggerated”

Amit Shabi, chief executive of Paris-based event-driven and merger arbitrage specialist Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co, says the firm’s Diva Synergy fund and its recently-launched Ucits version is poised to capitalise on an expected pick-up in European M&A volumes, which should create more lucrative investment opportunities and better performance.

25 Jan 2012 | Reuters

Lionel Melka comments Roche's hostile offer for Illumina

Roche targets Illumina in $5.7 bln gene play

“They came with an opportunistic offer to test the waters. If no one showed up, they would probably top up the bid to $55 to get a board recommendation. If their approach triggered a bidding war..."

23 Jan 2012 | Hedge Funds Review

Lionel Melka on the 2012 outlook

M&A lull poses challenge for event driven equity funds

The pace of acquisitions is likely to pick up in 2012 as technology companies “actively look to assemble the right product mix for the next generation of growth in mobile and cloud technologies,” says Lionel Melka,...

19 Jan 2012 | Hedgeweek

Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co. to work with Hyde Park Investment

Hyde Park Investment secures EUR200 million Capacity in Diva Synergy

Bernheim, Dreyfuss & Co is to allocate a capacity of EUR200 million for its two main investment vehicles – Diva Synergy and Diva Synergy UCITS, to Hyde Park Investment.

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