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14 Dec 2010 | Bloomberg Businessweek

Amit Shabi comments on Air Products & Chemicals hostile bid for Airgas

Airgas Takeover-Defense Ruling Delayed Until 2011

“Chandler likely will find Airgas’s poison pill is valid”, said Amit Shabi, co-manager of Bernheim, Dreyfus’s Diva Synergy Fund, an event-driven fund focused on acquisition targets that owns Airgas shares. “The companies may agree to a friendly deal at $72.50 a share after Airgas directors get a fresh view on the company’s value from their new financial advisers”, he said in an interview from Paris.

09 Dec 2010 | Financial News

Amit Shabi comments on the outlook for merger arbitrage

Field day likely for merger arbitrage

After a lost year for mergers and acquisitions, almost one in six European companies is planning a large-scale acquisition in the next 12 months and merger arbitrage specialists – a hedge fund strategy that trades around deal announcements – are set to prosper.

08 Dec 2010 | The Wall Street Journal

Lionel Melka comments on the Sanofi-Genzyme deal

DEALWATCH: Sanofi Seen Extending Genzyme Bid As Deadline Looms

"We all expect Sanofi to extend the tender offer with no [price] bump," said Lional Melka, comanager at Diva Synergy Fund, driven hedge fund with a small position in Genzyme.

07 Dec 2010 | Risk.net

Amit Shabi comments on the M&A market outlook

Mergers and acquisitions: hitching a ride on the recovery

Activity in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) space tends to wax and wane according to market momentum, but deals are on the increase after an abnormally quiet period in the wake of the global downturn. "M&A is a confidence game, and confidence is returning to boardrooms," says Amit Shabi, asset portfolio manager for Bernheim, Dreyfus, an alternative investment firm focusing on M&A-related strategies in Paris.

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