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07 Dec 2010 | Bloomberg

Lionel Melka comments on the Sanofi-Genzyme deal

Sanofi Said Unwilling to Meet Both Genzyme Demands

“We think Sanofi will extend the offer with no bump” in price, Lionel Melka, co-manager of Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co.’s Diva Synergy Fund, an event-driven fund focused on acquisition targets that owns Genzyme shares, said in a Dec. 2 interview. “They really believe that no white knight will emerge.”

03 Dec 2010 | Financial News

Amit Shabi comments on the M&A market outlook

Event-driven stars hit the fundraising trail

Paris-based boutique Bernheim Dreyfus, which manages the event-driven Diva Synergy fund, is expecting that as M&A activity picks up, more of its returns will come from its soft catalyst “special situations” book than hard catalysts such as bid announcements that drive its merger arbitrage trades.

29 Nov 2010 | Les Echos

Amit Shabi talks about the repatriation of the fund to France

Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co, le choix de la France

« Au vu des réticences nouvelles des investisseurs institutionnels à investir des actifs non régulés et dans la perspective de nouvelles réglementations, nous avons décidé de rapatrier Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co. », souligne Amit Shabi. Rapatrier la société, mais pas le fonds. « Nous ne voulions pas perdre nos trois ans de "track record" », justifie-t-il. Le fonds est offshore et le restera. « Il n'est pas exclu que nous lancions un fonds onshore. Ce sera la deuxième étape de notre rapatriement », assure-t-il.

24 Nov 2010 | The Hedgefund Journal

Lionel Melka comments on the M&A market outlook

M&A opportunities to strengthen through 2011

“We believe the recent rebound in mergers and acquisitions is rapidly gaining momentum and we’re forecasting global deal activity to rise by as much as 36% next year, by comparison to 2010“ said Lionel Melka, portfolio manager and head of research at Bernheim, Dreyfus. “This growth will take deal size up to $3 trillion.”

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