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04 Nov 2010 | HedgeWeek

Regarding Diva Synergy’s performance

Bernheim Dreyfus sees opportunities in M&A space

Over the last year, the Diva Synergy Fund has achieved 11 positive months out of 12 thanks to growing M&A activity and the managers ability to extract alpha from hard catalyst situations. The fund is also ranked best performer on a year-to-date and last 12 months basis worldwide in its category by Barrons, Morningstar, Barclay Hedge and Eureka Hedge.

02 Nov 2010 | City A.M

Lionel Melka comments on the BHP-Potash deal

BHP must up its Potash bid, says investor

"It's not easy to see what price shareholders will accept, but we have spoken to others and think $160 a share would get the deal done,- said Lionel Melka, co-manager of Bernheim's Diva-Synergy fund. Melka said he expects the Canadian government to clear the deal by its deadline tomorrow. They have to see what is going to be a benefit for Canada, though we understand they have leverage and will ask for jobs and commitments," he added.

01 Nov 2010 | Financial News

Amit Shabi comments on the French hedge fund market

Don’t mention you’re ‘un fonds spéculatif’

Amity Shabi, co-founder of Bernheim, Dreyfus, a Paris boutique that manages an event-driven hedge fund Diva Synergy, said French investors look for a high Sharpe ratio – which indicates strong risk- adjusted performance – rather than double-digit returns.

28 Oct 2010 | Opaslesque

Regarding Diva Synergy’s performance

Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co sees M&A grow by 21% YTD, Diva Synergy Enhanced Fund returns 27% YTD

Diva Synergy Fund gained over 3% in September (in both dollars and euros) to record figures of over 9.0% year to date); meanwhile the 3 x leveraged Diva Synergy Enhanced Fund gained 9.0% in both currency classes in September to record exceptional returns of 26.8%($) and 27.11%(€) year to date.

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