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20 June 2013 | Financial News

The French Evolution

Signs of improvement for the hedge fund industry in France

Elusive hedge fund managers are tricky to spot in Paris. Hunkered down by a combination of socialist rhetoric and risk-averse investors, it’s been a hard environment to work in. But there are signs of an improving market for those with the confidence to take a punt, says SARFRAZ THIND

12 June 2013 | Reuters

Lionel Melka analyses the Severn Trent situation

Severn Trent deal blow hits "merger arb" funds

Lionel Melka, partner at Paris-based hedge fund Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co said the collapse of Severn Trent dealtalks was not a depressing sign for future M&A activity because it was a very particular situation of a regulated company that attracts infrastructure investors for its inflation-protected cash flows.

23 May 2013 | Financial News

Lionel Melka on the Hedge Fund industry in Paris

L’industrie parisienne des hedge funds continue de croire en sa belle étoile

Lionel Melka : « Il y a beaucoup de projets de structures en gestation en ce moment. La nouvelle directive UCITS a redonné de la vigueur au secteur, qui a multiplié les fonds régulés UCITS, assurant ainsi une meilleure collecte »

11 March 2013 | Reuters

Lionel Melka on the Glencore - Xstrata deal

Hedge funds eye profits as Chinese regulator flexes M&A muscle

Lionel Melka, partner at Paris-based Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co, who traded the deal last year but later sold out, took a new position in the Glencore deal at the end of January and has gradually increased it since then. "I'd like to increase it (further) but we can't because of (the fund's) risk management ... most people are at full capacity," Melka told Reuters. He said he expects MOFCOM to grant approval before the end of the month and the deal to close in the first week of April.

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