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10 Jan 2013 | Opalesque

Amit Shabi on Diva Synergy's 2012 performance and 2013 outlook

Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co’s merger arbitrage strategy up 3.7% in 2012

 Amit Shabi, cofounder of Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co. and co-manager of the Diva Synergy Fund said: "In a difficult year for merger arbitrage and quiet M&A activity, we are happy with the Fund’s positive returns and very confident for the year to come. Deal pipelines are reloading, which leads us to believe that 2013 will mark a strong acceleration in European M&A activity which will translate into a multiplication of attractive investment opportunities in the event driven space."

10 Jan 2013 | Investment Europe

Amit Shabi on 2013 outlook for mergers and acquisitions

Diva Synergy fund positions for renewed M&A activity in 2013

Amit Shabi said global mergers and acquisitions rose to the highest level in four years on Q4 2012 as companies worldwide announced $692 billion in purchases. "We believe that the pickup in takeovers will extend into next year as American and European lawmakers take more decisive steps to fortify the global economic recovery."

11 Oct 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Amit Shabi comments on the acquisition of XStrata by Glencore

Glencore Tie-Up With Xstrata Has Miles to Go

 "We think that Glencore's commitment to closing the deal and agreeing to potential remedies is firm, as it is probably its best opportunity to finally acquire Xstrata," said Amit Shabi, partner at Paris-based hedge fund Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co.

02 Oct 2012 | Hedge Funds Review

Francois Bourriguen on the fourth quarter outlook

Hedge Funds Review Oct 2012 Q4 outlook

We think mergers and acquisitions are bound for a pick-up as we progress towards the fourth quarter. Although M&A activity during the bigger part of the semester has been relatively low, some clear trends have emerged.

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