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25 June 2012 | Finance Innovation

Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co. receives the second investment of the Emergence Fund

The seeding mechanism launched in January by France Innovation and Paris Europlace brings in a 30 million-euro investment

 «Nous avions lancé en juin 2011 ce fonds Ucits 3, qui réplique à l'identique notre fonds offshore, mais, avec une liquidité quotidienne, les nombreux investisseurs intéressés restaient bloqués à cause du ratio d'emprise, explique Lionel Melka, l'un des trois associés. Cet accompagnement va débloquer la situation et nous espérons désormais doubler la taille de ce fonds rapidement.»

25 June 2012 | Hedge Funds Review

The Diva Synergy UCITS receives acceleration capital from NewAlpha to help attract institutional money

Bernheim, Dreyfus and Co has received $40 million in acceleration capital from NewAlpha's seeding platform. The initial investment should help attract institutional money for alternative Ucits fund.

The money from NewAlpha is already helping the Diva Synergy Ucits Fund to attract investment from institutions previously reluctant to allocate to such a small fund, according to Amit Shabi, co-portfolio manager of the fund. He manages the fund together with Lionel Melka and Sébastien Dettmar.

22 June 2012 | Investment Europe

Diva Synergy fund gets $40m acceleration funding

Diva Synergy UCITS, the event-driven strategy managed by Paris-based Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co, has received some $40m of acceleration capital from the newly-launched seeding platform Emergence, bringing its assets close to $50m.

Amit Shabi said: "We are extremely pleased to be part of the Emergence project and to have been chosen by NewAlpha, which has a strong track-record of identifying solid, high-potential managers."

21 June 2012 | HFMWeek

Emergence seeds Bernheim, Dreyfus's event driven Ucits fund

Emergence, the seeding platform designed specifically to help new France-based hedge fund firms, has seeded its second fund, awarding $40m to Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co.’s Diva Synergy Ucits fund, according to an announcement.

 “We believe that we are perfectly positioned to generate strong risk-adjusted returns in the future and that the Emergence investment will significantly contribute to the fund’s growth,” Amit Shabi said.

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